Unboxing and review of CUBOT Zorro 001 by comebuy.com

In the middle of the January I received very interesting phone from comebuy.com. How did that happen? Well as I mentioned before in the THL T6 Pro review I was playing this competition on comebuy.com site, that was about to just getting into the game as one of the first from your region, and you get a phone. And so I was the first one from my country and I was really excited because, in the first place did not know, if the whole thing is for real.

When I saw announcement from the comebuy.com for the winners, I was very happy, because I “won”, if this is the right word, the phone from them. And this is not just a phone, but a really good piece of hardware. Let me get straight to the description of CUBOT Zorro 001!

phone1 phone2

The Brand
I actually heard only once for the Chinese CUBOT brand and this was on the page Aliexpress, where I was browsing for some phones. These days I figure out already, that in a short amount of time, grew a lot of new brands of mobile devices in China. I was back then really sceptic and very careful to the new brands because I did not know them. After a while I really enjoyed of comparing the unknown brands with the well established brands and in the same time, what configurations did some brand put in their mobile device.


The looks
The phone looks really nice. It came in a box with the thin plastic bumper. The back side and the sides are in black mat finish. The buttons are enough friendly on touch and easy to reach, all of them on the right side of the phone. The front side is out of glass. On the top is the 3.5mm audio port and on the bottom microUSB plug for charging and data transfer. On the back side we found the back-shooter: left from him the flash and right of him the noise canceling microphone. Quite simple phone, with none of the particularities. At the bottom of the back side we find a speaker as it is standard with more and more devices these days.

The Specifications
The phone is running Qualcomm Snapdragon 410. New quad 64-bit processor with runs at 1.2Ghz. I should not forget to mention that this is the new series of the Qualcomms processors which are built on ARM Cortex cores, instead of old Krait cores. The Cortex-A53 are the four cores, which are capable the speed up to 1.2Ghz, mainly running at 200Mhz or stopped, if they are not in need. The graphic unit that Qualcomm pair with is it’s own Adreno 306 from the same new series. It runs on a 310 Mhz and up if it is needed. The ram that is used is 1Gb integrated but because of a lack of information I do not really know if it’s eMMC 4.51 which speed the Snapdragon 410 supports. The display is 5-inch IPS with the HD 1280×720 pixels resolution. I have to say that on this resolution the games runs flawlessly with Adreno 306. The HD resolution is also enough for the 5-inch screen but with some more powerful SoC I will here recommend the Full HD resolution, but never more than that. The density of pixels is that big that with the free eye no human can notice. There is also one big advantage of having a HD resolution, that is, that you can run a more demanding games with less powerful GPUs. There is 8GB available internal memory which can be expand with the 32GB microSD card. The phone enables user to use two mini SIM cards which only the first is LTE capable. The battery is 2200mAh, which is for this dimension of phone rather low, but I must say that I can go easy through a day with the LTE data enabled. I believe I came close to a 3 days, but this is also new phone. But nevertheless we have to thank for this long span to the Cortex-A53 low consumption cores.

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The Camera
The integrated camera is rather 5 mpix than 13mpix. I was very surprised against an image that makes an iPhone 4 with its camera against those images on the Cubot. I believe the images are good for 10×15cm photos to print out, but thats it. The flash was actually very strong and in some cases the camera focuses with flash first and after that it shoots with a much more powerful lightning. This was also disturbing because it creates excessive white on the images. The front camera is also quite ok, but I recommend to use both cameras with enough light.

HDR imagetest

The commitment that we have to gave to comebuy.com
The commitment that we have to gave to the comebuy.com when we get the phone was to test the new LTE speeds in our Country and also test a GPS. I have to say that both test went really great but I did a long time to accomplish them. The first reason was that that I did not have enough free mobile data on my carrier contract, the second I did need a new USIM card. So I have to change my contract to a higher mobile data and get a new SIM card. The LTE is really a monster of transferring the data so I was getting the speeds between 20mbit/s and 50mbit/s. I also check out, why am I not getting speed over the 50mbit/s and I notice that my carrier have a block at 50mbit and that the speeds up to 150mbit are extra paid. So I enable those speed but there was some strangle problem as after enabling the 150mbit speed from my carrier I was having the same speed as before. Even if I tested near an antenna. So I cannot provide you with a speeds over 50mbit, but even those speeds takes with the 20 seconds of testing whole 150Mb of data! I have made two GPS tests. Both were locked to the 15-20 satellites and both have 3D fix. So was the accuracy minimum of 3 meters. That is also awesome!! I have to mention that I get also a lock even if I was 3 meters from the window in a building. Awesome again! For all of this, we have to thank to the amazing Snapdragon 410 SoC with its LTE modem and GPS IZat processor.

ltetest3 ltetest1 ltetest2 gps gps2

The System and speed
The system is Android OS with version 4.4.4. Compliments Cubot for this. The ROM looks stock google rom which is another advantage, and there is multilingual choice. The phone also does not offer over the air updates, so you have to take a look on the Cubot homepage. As much as I have tested the phone I must say that the responsiveness is very optimized. It looks even better than on some early Samsung phones. The antutu scores around 20000 points which is expected. For a low class to a middle class phone really good score. We should not forget the amazing Adreno 306 which gives quite a performance on HD resolution. The phone is really affordable for the price of 122€. Maybe for older people who are starting to get involved with touch phones or for children.


The conclusion
After all the time spent with Cubot Zorro 001 – quite good name, like a James Bond – I have to say it is just like every other phone. Fast, responsive, usable and with LTE. If you’re looking to get a new phone and you’re looking into a budget phone I really recommend the Cubot Zorro 001. For everyone else reading this review I suggest You check out the comebuy.com webpage and find yourself a phone for your needs. They have quite a selection over there, and You’ll be surprised for a what price!

Thanks again to comebuy.com! I am theirs buyer and trustee and I recommend them if You are buying cheap mobile devices or tablets in the EU region. They offer most of the time free shipping to the EU countries. For the last I am publishing my Unboxing video, which everyone can see on this video here. Have fun!

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