Review of ZTE Blade S6

Once again I was testing out the phone that is quite a bargain these days. For the phone of the mid range price rank I can say it is a quite a deal. I have to say that I was using the device for quite a long time before I figured out, that the GPS is not working. I was actually surprised since there is none known issues with the Snapdragon 615 or other Qualcomm processor (except of all good known overheating Snapdragon 810). But this time it was actually some problem with the antenna or the SoC itself. More about it later, so lets get reviewing.

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The looks and feel

I was quite surprised how ZTE derives the edges of those device. There is 2.5D screen on the top which is beautiful and really nice on touch. Of course the back side is of plastic, but rather on the eye, it gives you a metal look. The device is very light and in hands you get the feeling that, there’s no “cold feeling” from the back. On the front there is unknown but I suspect it is a 5MP Omnivision camera, and on the back side the phone dominates with IMX214, which take fabulous pictures. Overall, the phone is very handy and the volume rocker and power button are in the good accessible place. On the fornt side, we get a very thin bezel between screen and housing, on the top are the sensors and camera, on the bottom beeathing light, which you can program, and two buttons that provide back and multitask function. Quite impressive, but still very clean lines on the edges, gave this phone a look of iPhone, but still decent enough differences, to separate one from another. The package includes DC wall charger and USB cable. As the phone is sold internationally, you get the DC wall charger to suite your country. As always I recommend from Germany, that can provide fast shipping rate and very good availability of Chinese smart phones!

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The specifications

As said under the hood there is ticking 1.5Ghz x 4 Cortex ARM A53 and 4x 1.1Ghz Cortex ARM A53 cores, which are structure of first Series of Snapdragon 615. The phone is quite responsive and the software is very well written. 2GB of ram gave the phone a lot of place for maneuvering. I run 80 different applications and the phone run them all with no hassle. The screen lacks FullHD which I prefer on 5 inch displays, but even HD – 720P resolution gave decent view. The Adreno 405 in Snapdragon 615 Soc is very well welcome, but still its speed is far beyond Adreno 330 that can be found in SNapdragon 800 and 801. Those specs gave the antutu score around 31000 and in the best time around 33000. Not bad and also not really recommended for graphic hungry games. The battery is with Blade S6 disadvantage. 2600mAh which can last only a day, or, if you are a recent smartphone user, probably not even that much.

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The system

Blade S6 runs Android Lollipop that has except a few strokes, a decent speed and handshake with user. The buttons at the bottom can be changed, which is very welcome feature, and I would like to see this function in every phone brand. That mentioned, I have also in mind the left handed users. I have had around 7 or 8 updates from the beginning of selling the phone, and I was very pleased, that the company gave a lot attention to system updates. The one thing that I never find out why, was, that the phone uses 32-bit version of Lollipop eve though the Snapdragon 615 is 64-bit SoC. I think that with the new updates this will be changed, but until July, there were no updates around bits. The Lollipop was also version 5.0.2, and this stayed the same for all the updates.

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GPS Issue

I was using the phone for quite a long time before I found out that the GPS is not working. I was having really hard time to use the phone this way. I use GPS very often and this is the function that it has to work. I was actually thinking also if I could use the phone this way, but because lot of traveling, even though our country is small, I do use Google Maps with mobile data. So I send the phone back. Of course as many times before, I have a great experience with the exchange of the phone frome, where I also bought it. They change my phone for without any doubt, even it has some scratches on the back of the housing. The new version was at my place in exact 14 days. Quite impressive time. I gave it a go and the GPS get immediate fix, where in the same place the old device does not. Even if I was under the roof, this time I get an fix on the GPS signal, but still device preferred open air. This was for me awkward experience, since I did not expect something like that with Snapdragon 615.

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The Conclussion

After all ZTE Blade S6 is fantastic bargain, and if you are looking for a phone between mid-range and high mid-range devices, the ZTE Blade S6 is for you. Still if you’re the type of person that wants to surf the web or make a serious bussines, the ZTE Blade S6 will handle it! For the last mentioned I recommend to use device in tandem with power bank and car charger. Thank you to for providing great assistance to resolving my problem! Head over here to check them out. Really worthy!

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