Cube T7 tablet review

A while ago a got a Cube tablet. But this tablet is not an usual tablet as you would expect. It is the T7 7-inch model from Cube. It is actually first tablet with the new series of Mediatek 64-bit processors. I must say that I was plesently surprised about the tablet speed. The resposiveness is fast, the menu switching is very smooth and openning of application is as expected, fast!

I can say the Cube has made here a realy serious step into a tablet world. Nor the tablet does not only look good, but it has some great finish. From behind we can se some really great plastic surface to convenient holding of tablet. On the side it is the glossy silver finish, the same as we see at a lot of phones and tablets these days. The front side is covered in glass and it’s also in his own color, this time black.

Lets go through the specifications.
The tablet runs a last series of Mediatek SoC, Mediatek MT8752. This is the series for tablets, but Mediatek also offers series for mobile phones. The difference is only the beginning number. Tablets use MT8… and the mobiles uses MT6… The SoC include 8 core of processing unit and with a clock at 2.0ghz. This is actually only a theoretical speed. The clocks in Cube T7 run at 1.7Ghz maximal, each one. Of course know that, the tablet does not need them running at full any time, because this will radically reduce battery life, so if necessary, we have available 8 of them at those speed. The new architecture, ARM Cortex-A53 of cores, allow us to hardware decode of H.265. It respectively includes also LTE modem with B1, B3 and B7 channels. The supported speed is 150mbit download and 50mbit of upload. So this means with its size and support for LTE, suddenly we have a fully mobile unit. The tablet does not lack of a GPS chip, which may come in handy for those who travel a lot. Dual band wifi is quite welcome feature, since we are in the age of growth of communication technologies. The Bluetooth it is common for other smaller connections, of course. Oh and did I mention the SoC is 64-bit? Well, that makes him future proof, for quite a time.

The most tablets and most phones these days are having 2GB of ram. Counting in the Android system that is perfect for eating up ram with its garbage collector, I must say that this is enough ram, but I believe in some time, with more and more larger applications, there would be more appropriate to have at least 3GB of ram. Especially with the 64-bit processor. But when I run a few of applications that my old iPhone is lacking of performance at, they run all flawlessly. I didn’t even notice any of the lag or screen tearing. For this, we have to thank to Mali-T760 MP2 gpu unit. This is the fastest of the gpus from ARM and boy does it make his job excellent! In Antutu, that combine the most important unit performances, it got around 41000 unconfirmed points and respectively, around 37500 confirmed points. With the 16GB of internal size, you can easily install a bunch of applications and load up some H.265 movies. Thanks to this latest codec, you can now watch some movies in this great quallity which takes only half of a size of H.264. But even for a smaller movies the 16GB for some, would not be enough. In this case the tablet provides one microSD card slot. Up to 32GB you can add!

The screen is a story for itself. The screen is JDI IPS 7-inch model from Japan Display Inc. This is the display technology from joint venture by Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. It was planned from 2011 to release those display, but only last year came they on the market. So Cube saw a good opportunity with those displays because of its brightness and low consumption. It is capable of 1000 nits, which is 2 times higher than displays of Samsung tablets. By the same or lower energy consumption. I can say this is a surprise from Cube! The display manage to display 1920 by 1200 pixels and has a 5 point touch digitizer above it. The power for display and other hardware comes from a 3500mAh battery, which provided enough power throughout the day, even if I use the screen on full brightness and heavy applications. I can say that in some cases there were also enough battery left in the most cases. So in fact that is the small battery, it gets job done, really good!

The camera is as expected. These days the tablets do not really posses any high quallity or high pixels camera. But with more and more improved, as software as hardware, tablets on the market, we see also bigger and better cameras in them. So the Cube has 5 mpix camera on the back side and 2 mpix camera on the front side. Enough, if you ask me, but maybe a little to strictly for some travelers who wants to make some quality photos, or catch an amazing moment.

Let me highlight that the tablet is really handy. It is a mobile unit not only as telephone but for some serious business also. Great option is also the two band wifi and two options to charge the tablet. The regular charging voltage 5A 2A and fast charging voltage 9V 2A. This is surprisingly a good approach for faster charging of larger batteries, such are in tablets.

Lets talk about the system.
The Cube T7 has installed as standard Android 4.4.4. This is the latest version of Kitkat, which means that, even after regular updates, which we get every 2-3 weeks through OTA, mybe the tablet will meet also Android 5.0 Lollipop in near future. Thumbs up for Cube on providing such great support! The system comes with Google Apps package, but I believe this depends on where you buy the tablet. The tablet have preinstalled also some Chinese applications, that can be easily removed or disabled. Also there’s a multilanguage selection of system, but for some strange reason, there was not my own language preinstalled. Only Cube can know why! The tablet is perfectly usable in the European region because it has dual LTE band. FDD and TDD. And only one SIM slot. You can do phone calls on WCDMA band and also 2G band. The great feature that really makes tablets these days usable is also OTG (on-the-go) option, through microUSB charging port. As fast as you plug in microUSB to USB cable and put in the USB flash drive, it detects him and you can freely browse around the USB. I really recommend to buy everyone some microUSB (and USB) flash drive, because tablets these days are really advanced! And you never know, when everyone will have one, like the mobile phones! :)

About the package
In the package you get the charging wall adapter and of course suitable connector for your country if you buy it at some Chinese store. The microUSB to USB cable, the OTG cable and couple of screen protectors. The case is really compact and well packed for traveling long distances, and I believe out of bio degradable material.

I would say this is one hell of a tablet! Really fast and great looking. For business or for some games. I recommend it to every traveling agent. For everyone else who is looking for another bigger version I recommend Cube T9. The big brother ;)

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