My own antivirus program – Tadejs Nuclear Scanner

I would like to introduce first antivirus program that I programmed it myself. It consist out of two very popular antivirus or antispyware removal tools. But before I continue explaining the details, I want you to know that those tool is not intended to actively monitor the system but only allows user to scan the system in a disposable way. It is intended to be used on systems that are so infected that you cannot get into system normal mode. This means it runs also in Safe Mode, or better said it is intended to be run in Safe Mode.

Lets get to the description. The TNS (short for Tadej’s Nuclear Scanner) implements two engines. The first one is from VIPRE Rescue system and the second from Emsisoft Emergency Kit. Both tools are free and as that I have used them to create easy usable menu to control updates, scanning and other functions that I will describe later. The antiviruses are controlled through batch file which is run with administrative privileges. At the beginning the antivirus checks for the internet connection because you need first to update both engines. It then updates traces, rootkits, antivirus, antispyware, trojans and other malware signatures. The program itself is cca 15MB large in size but downloads around 400MB of signatures.

The program comes in a two ways. As a standalone installer and as a portable – rar version. The installation version includes uninstaller and does not add any registry entries. Both versions are programmed to be used from the folder C:TNS When you first time start the program it will check for internet connection, because it does not include any of the signatures. The Emsisoft tool is included in the antivirus and does not download the scanner as does the VIPRE Rescue. The first option allows you to update both tools automatically and in the same time scan with them. After scanning they will delete founded malicious software without any further questions. The TNS is programmed so that it looks for the latest VIPRE Rescue tool on the internet, extract it and allows user to run it. The second option allows user to only update both tools. The third option is only scanning, if the updates were already downloaded or the user wants to scan again. The fourth option is intended to check if the updates are already downloaded and the fifth option is to delete VIPRE Rescue Setup file, because it is not needed – for those who like to keep their system nice and clean.

For those who are experienced in software using I added also advanced options. Those include updating and scanning with every tool individually. I added also very useful function to check the system files, which can be harmed with viruses or trojans. To view log and what has been deleted I added two functions for every tool one, and at the end I added factory default restore function. This tool allows user to delete all signatures, updates and logs that were created during using the TNS.



The Antivirus is free available and can be downloaded from here:

Version 1.01 – 17.3.2015:

Version 2.0 – 27.12.2015:

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