Relationship, true Love, Happiness, meaning of Life part. I

Everyone wants to be happy, find true love and live life because “You live only once”. Let me explain (on what definition am I looking through my eyes and) how hard is possible to live like that these times. I cannot say it’s not possible, right oposite! It is, but it takes a big step for humanity to live like that! The truth is, we lost a true love, true happiness and simple living through years, because we change the real definitions of it. To meet the real love and happiness it’s really easy. But nobody ask himself, how is that possible or how to do that. The definition today of true love is, to be with someone all life! That’s correct! But! That’s not going to happen, like You know 99.8% of couples today break up and 80% of married couples divorce! So why is this happening? Why can’t we stay together with someone, why can’t we find someone, to feel for (to him) love all the time, for many years!?

The answer is, because of ourselfs! Let me explain! Todays truth is a lie. We live a world full of lies. We make things for someone else, we look that we stand out everywhere because of others. We do judges because of others and we are afraid to do as little as it gets for us in front of others. We do things that we think they will happy us. We do things for others and we !expect! they will do for us but it is not going this way. We have a different opinion about a lot of things, but noone is trying to understand us or a few rare people that see all the colors of the rainbow, are trying to understand us (a really few people). We fight and we cry, the life can be really without those two! We are not listening to each other anymore. The children are too frustrated to develop his world (of sight) in this life. The parents are too selfish and are trying to manipulate and control children. People are malicious if some other team wins, if someones elses children is better than ours, if someone else is better at something than us. We afford someone else an accident and we cannot forgive. The people are suffering in relationship and have a bad habits. The people are torturing other people and animals. They will do as little as it gets and wanted to have a really lot of money! They will not accept your idea or trying to understand the principles of it. The people will try to covnince You, they have right, but, what’s actually right in this world of mess??

And so on and on …

Why is this happening !!? I cannot nearly as possible explain to You the right way (because You’ll later on read about how everyone sees only his own truth), nor why should You believe me, I am writing the objective truth. But if you do, theres a way or, as I call it coincidence that brought You to read this. Don’t worry, this is not another irrelevant reading, this is where everything has a meaning. Or I should say Your life has a meaning, why would you throw it away with living as I wrote in previous paragraph?

There are principle instructions, that we should all live by them and know them. 1. Be good to yourself and same to others. But in first place be good to yourself. If You don’t accept yourself, You cannot accept others (this is working on our subconscious). All this means “don’t be selfish to yourself”!! We are trying to do so many things for others and in the same time we EXPECT they will do the same for us!! This is not going to work! Do to others what can’t You expect in return or cancel your expectations ;) 2. Don’t judge others by your thoughts. Why is this so? Every feeling, every experience, situation or coincidence that happened to us everything is building-up us from day one on this planet. And theres no two of us that would have everything the same. So we manage to build our life story in order to manage to recognize the feelings that our body is going to send to our brain in different situation, coincidence, pain, happiness, accident, shock, believe, faith, and believe, theres no two of us with the same thinking ;) 3. Think what can You do for life and not life for You! Theres so many “hard feelings” like love, pain, rage, hopelessness, that are existing only in our brains (and are preventing us to focus on our work and clear thinking) . We have all those feelings, but also we put a meaning to them, so if we try to say someone is pissing me off, that means we have a opinion about him because of “his” actions to us. But we have to understand him, because he is not like us (stated in point 2.) and we can anytime change this feeling ;) there is 13 different characters in principle on this planet. Only 13! But everyone seems to be really as different as other! That is correct, because of his experiences through his life. That’s not meaning it would change his character! About characters I would explain it next time.

And there is a way to not do bad things, not wish bad things and not be depressed and totally unhappy, not cry a lot anymore, not fight with others. And that above is just the begining. After all this exist something that brings our character to different thinking. It is the mirror of our psyche, that is not changing anything, but rather learning! The shorcut is the longest road to happiness ;)

The more important thing is our behaviour! We try to impress and soduce others, but this is short term happiness. Or, explained direct, this is our subcounscious that believes, we should do things that other do to CERTIFICATE AND FEEL HAPPY! This is called being selfish to ourself and this is taking away our real happiness. Under point 1. You can recognize that in the first place, we should do something for ourself (and not worrying about, what others would say – 2. ;) ) In this life we manage to do everything  right the oposite, to impress and satisfy others (also keep in mind that during the sex ;) ), but also we should not forget the second place, others. We should treat them like we treat ourselfs. This is not called, being selfish to others! This is real deal! Everything that we do to impress others or we do for others AND ITS NOT OUR REAL WISH (THOUGHT), is called backdrop and is getting us away from happinnes and also true love! Once again this is not called being selfish, this is only the way of being more satisfied and happy (natural way) on long term! We should not be afraid to do “our things” in front of many others if that’s what we are. This is called confidence. And You don’t really need it a lot, to change things. I promise, You would look better to others and also feel much happier to yourself. Theres coincidence behind every plan and plan behind every coincidence ;)


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