Upam da ko poslušate Scooter se zavedate da …

I was thinkig if I would put this blog on the internet, but when I see those people, who listen to their “lovely” and mainly “original” HARDCORE/HARDSTYLE songs, I decided to write my own oppinion.
Well, you say, you like their songs. How wouldn’t you, if they are stolen from the best Hardstyle producers and DJs ? They (talking about Hardstyle producers) made them because of love of the music, those faggots SCOOTER steal them and made very bad copies because of love of the money. They should be ashamed.
People listen to them, and many of them don’t even know where are vocal, lyrics and mainly melodies from.
And yeah, I know many people think what I think and this is an old discusion, but I can’t get over it. And I don’t want to comment that name of song “J’adore Hardcore” what the f**k is Hardcore there, anyway?

J’adore Hardcore by Scooter :

This are just few of songs, which are used in brand new very “cool” album from Scooter.


and yes, sometimes they used to have good remakes/songs, but nowdays they suck big time!

+ many songs are probably ugly ripped from other, but I don’t recognize them.

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