We were? We still are …

We were living the life
We were rocking the place
‘Cause back in the days
We were living for the moment

The years went by
And we lost sight
Of the guys back then
We used to rule the night

And still I never will forget
Or will regret
Those times that we had

We were the kings of night
As we stood side by side
We used to rock the place until the early light

I remember how we sang along
To every song
Those times, they are gone

But still, I feel
I miss those days
We spent together

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time
And be there once again
And in my head I see the pictures
Of how we used to be

So one thing will remain
‘Cause I still love the memories of those days

We were young
Living for the moment
Never thinking about tomorrow
About the things to come

We were careless
Living for the music
‘Cause we were sent together as one

We were strong
Depending on each other
It was us against the world
We played it by our rules

We were fearless
Living like a rebel
‘Cause we were sent together as one

Living for the moment

Back in the days

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