Dear Q-dancers,

Happy New Year!

On the 3rd of February 2001, Q-dance organized their first party using this new name. Before, the club of five was named Qlass Elite and the guys organized parties in the Repetitiehuis, AMP studios, Vechtsebanen and Hemkade. Back then, their idea was to change the existing dance environment using a simple and, a posteriori, very effective strategy: hard music, no bullshit communication and top quality organizations. Ever since, more than 250 parties have been organized all over Holland: most of them successful, some fantastic and, in all fairness, sometimes with some errors.

The credits for the success of Q-dance first of all go to the visitors: without a doubt the best crowd in the world! You are experienced partygoers and you are critical, very enthusiastic, faithful, dedicated and open-minded. During the years, the organization received thousands of emails containing ideas, complaints and words of thanks. Consequential, Q-dance could and had to cross borders over and over. They had to astonish the crowd every time and always deliver the highest quality. We owe you all a big ‘thanks’ for making this possible!

This year Q-dance is organizing parties for ten years already, so it’s time for presents. You can expect surprises during the whole of 2010. The first one: three brand new websites (, &
Behind the scenes, there has been built, tested, designed and most of all reviewed. The idea was to create a site that contains all videos, pictures, websites, music and information of the last ten year, combined with a user-friendly and clear design.
We advise you to have a look around so you’ll get to know all features of this new site. Don’t hesitate to let us know your opinions.

Of course there’s only one way to celebrate a decade of party organizing: by throwing the biggest, boldest and best Q-dance party ever!
On the 10th of July 2010, the jubilee of Q-dance will be celebrated in the Amsterdam ArenA.
Months of brainstorming have passed offstage and not without a profit. Decoration, balloons and crazy costumes will accompany all the memorable moments of the last ten years. The biggest indoor stadium of Holland will be the stage where Q-dance shall present their motto for the following ten years.

We’ve only just begun…

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